Product Conditions Guide

  1. Open Box Products:

    • Definition: Open box products are items that have been opened or removed from their original packaging. They may have been briefly used for demonstration or testing purposes.
    • Condition: These products are typically in like-new condition with all original accessories included.
  2. Used Products:

    • Definition: Used products have been previously owned and may show signs of wear or use. They have been tested to ensure they are in working condition.
    • Condition: The extent of wear varies, but the product should function as intended. Any notable defects will be disclosed.
  3. Missing Items Products:

    • Definition: These products are missing one or more of their original components or accessories.
    • Condition: The missing items will be clearly specified, and the product's functionality will not be affected by the absence of these components.
  4. Minor Product Damage Products:

    • Definition: These products may have slight cosmetic imperfections or minor physical damage that does not affect their functionality.
    • Condition: The damage will be described in detail, and the product will still operate as intended.
  5. Missing Original Packaging Products:

    • Definition: These products are new but do not come in their original packaging. They have not been used or tested.
    • Condition: The product is brand new, but it will not include the original box or packaging materials.
  6. Damaged Packaging Products:

    • Definition: These products have packaging that is noticeably damaged, but the product itself is unaffected.
    • Condition: The packaging may have tears, dents, or other visible damage, but the product inside is in new or like-new condition.
  7. New Products:

    • Definition: New products are in their original, unopened packaging and have never been used or tested.
    • Condition: These items are in pristine condition and come with all original accessories and packaging.
  8. Refurbished Products:

    • Definition: Refurbished products have undergone a thorough inspection, repair (if necessary), and testing process. They may have been previously owned or returned.
    • Condition: These products may exhibit signs of wear or use, but they have been restored to full working order. Any defects or repairs will be disclosed in the product description.
    • Note products can be graded both Refurbished and any other condition listed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 above


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