Two Islands Happy Gut Dietary Supplement - 480g SHORT-DATED STOCK BB 20/07/2024

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Happy Gut is a specialised blend of high strength glutamine, soothing herbs, and fibre that is designed to support gut health and digestion. It helps reduce bloating and promotes the growth of good gut bacteria, which can have a positive effect on a range of health issues, including gut health, skin health, mood balance, energy levels, sleep quality, bowel regularity, healthy immunity, reducing sugar cravings, poor digestion, and food sensitivities - it all starts with a Happy Gut.

Short-dated stock - Best Before of 20/07/2024

This product is safe to consume past its Best Before, but the effectiveness of the prebiotics will decline over time. Ensure product is stored below 20° in a dry place to prolong freshness.

480g - approximately 60 servings

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